Free Animal Clipart

Animals are fascinating creatures.  If we could just talk with them we would learn so many things.  One of the things that make animals so amazing is their ability to do things that seem superhuman to us.   Animals have highly tuned senses because their survival depends on it.  Some of the senses humans have and some they don’t. 

Most of the time our pets sense danger before we can.  We see and hear dogs barking but we cannot always tell what they are barking at.  We can see the ears of cats constantly moving like radars – acutely tuned in to sounds we don’t even pay attention to.  Dogs can hear sounds around five times better than humans and cats about two times better then dogs.

How many times does your dog stop and sniff when you are walking?  That cat nose sniffs a lot too when you start watching them.  Cats can smell up to 20 times better than humans while dogs can smell up to 50 times better than humans.  A human can smell what is going on at the moment, a dog can smell what happened on the sidewalk last night including who was walking on it and which direction they went.

Animals are everywhere on this planet and pets are in a lot of our homes.  A lot of us develop symbiotic relationships with our pets.   We give our animals a safe and constant supply of food and our pets give us companionship, keep us active, and help us stay safe. 


sea turtle


Sea Horse


exotic bird

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