Free Flower Clipart

Flowers are sure to brighten any room or sprit no matter what the occasion is.  From parties, weddings, holidays and other celebrations you can find an arrangement of flowers perfect for the occasion.  After all, what table doesn’t look better with a vase of cut flowers sitting on it!  Continue reading

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5 Great Free Clipart Websites

When you are working on a digital project, the introduction of high quality photographs, images, or clipart can make your work look much more attractive to the reader.  Images must be well placed and carefully selected so that they will compliment the message content.  Below you will find references to 5 great free websites to obtain high quality digital art and images to add to any project.  Even though the sites are generally free, please read their terms and usage before using the clipart.  All sites are free of pop ups and are safe for children. Continue reading

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Free Neon Clipart

Although a very common element in the universe, Neon is rare gas on Earth that is odorless, tasteless, and colorless.  It has the symbol Ne and an atomic number of 10.  Neon is extracted from the air, where it is found in trace amounts.  William Ramsay and Morris Travers first discovered the element in 1898 in England. Continue reading

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Free Easter Clipart

Easter is a spring holiday deeply rooted in the christian religion that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Typical symbols of easter are the cross, lillies, easter eggs, bunnies, easter baskets, jelly beans, and chocolate. 

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Free Airplane Clipart

The airplane has been around since its invention in 1903 by Orville and Wilbur Wright. Whether it is military aircraft, helicopters, or space shuttles the feeling of soaring through the air sparks freedom in the heart. Like a bird, you are free to fly wherever the wind blows. Continue reading

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Is Clipart Really Free?

Have you finally found the perfect clipart image but you are wondering if it is really free?  Did you find yourself even more confused after reading over the legal terms regarding the use of the clipart?  You’re not alone!  To help put things in perspective, below you will find a summary of the major types of licenses that clipart providers will base their licensing policy on. Continue reading

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Free Computer Clipart

 As we move into the future our culture is relying more on computer technology each day.  As a result, using free computer clipart can be a handy way to help communicate your message to others.   Continue reading

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5 Good Reasons to Send Postcards This Holiday Season

Sending postcards is a great way to spread goodwill or just reach out to your market without breaking the bank. Often it’s the little things that people remember and that prompt action—like buying.
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5 Places to Find Free CSS Templates

While we mainly feature free clipart on our blog we also like to showcase some other free graphic related resources such as free CSS templates. These free templates are great for schools, projects and anyone else on a tight budget who wants a website up fast.

All you have to do is download the free templates and then edit them using Dreamweaver or a similar program to achieve the desired results. Using your free clipart finds on these templates would be a great combination to create an eye-catching website.

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3 Tips for Using Clipart on Business Cards

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a good piece of clipart can be worth just as much. Clipart can be a very effective and cheap way to get a message across in the small spaces of business cards.

For example, if you own a cleaning business clipart stock images of a friendly maid or cleaning tools could help create visual impact and get your point across.

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