Tips for Using Animated Clipart

Are you considering using animated clipart? If you are it is best to plan carefully. If used, your animation should remain minimal for maximum effectiveness. A little bit here and there can enhance your message while overuse, or the wrong use, could work against you.

Consider the Audience – Are you conveying a message to children? Are you selling a business product to a client? Or, are you somewhere in between? The more causal your environment the more effective animated clipart will work in your message. The more professional your environment, the more you might want to think twice before using it.

Consider the Message Medium – Animated clipart cannot be used just anywhere so sometimes your message medium will make the decision for you. Animated clipart can be used in email, websites, and PowerPoint presentations. On the other hand, newsletters, business cards and any other printed material will not allow for the use of animation.

Consider the Image You Want to Portray – Generally, the use of animated clipart will portray a more fun, casual, and inviting message to friends, family or acquaintances. While animated clipart can be used in other instances sparingly, in more formal scenarios it is better to use non-animated clipart.

A little animation thoughtfully tucked in the corner of a few power point slides or one put in an email to enhance your message can help deliver your point. Animated clipart will tend to catch peoples eye temporarily. It can frequently help deliver humor to make people laugh and lower tension.


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